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Validity and Reliability
CenterMark, MatchPoint, and WorkingStyles assessment instruments have undergone independent review for validity, reliability, and bias, theoretical framework, statistical difference, stability of the inventory, statistical convergence and divergence, and measuring of the theoretical construct.

CenterMark is a self-assessment is based on the research of Carl Jung, Isabel Myers and Katharine Briggs. It has a comprehensive database for each of the 16 types and emphasizes twelve areas of success in one's work-life.

MatchPoint One of the most important challenges facing individuals today is finding the type of work that will maximize their career satisfaction and productivity. Based on the work of John Holland, MatchPoint is a career development tool that supports individuals in their career planning and increases their potential for job satisfaction

WorkingStyles is based on studies in observable behaviors and identifies four preferred behavioral styles that measure important aspects of a person's behavior: Expressive, Amiable, Driver, and Analytical.

WorkingStyles has two components: A self-assessment and a multi-rater assessment.

ValueBase helps you clarify your values so you can make career decisions that are consistent with who you really are and are in alignment with your own priorities.

People often sense a good fit when their own values are in line with an organization's collective values.

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