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Business Simulations

Business Simulations

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The business simulations present new ideas and unifying principles that are meant to induce a stretch in our thinking allowing us to ponder and foresee a future organization outside and beyond the conventional notion that what's ahead is in some way an extension of the past. Simulations, done right, let us see the future as the white space that it is.

There is no pretense that these ideas will start a kind of groundswell or break-through evolution of the way organizations will exist or function in the future. The goal is much more modest. The goal is to begin to build a "base camp" from where we can start the climb to higher ground where the air is thinner and purer and the view is breath-taking and seemingly endless. For those wanting to make the trip, it's time to break camp and begin the journey.

Game Plan for Change: A Tabletop Simulation to Ignite Growth Through Transformation

Event-Driven Strategy: A Tabletop Simulation for Visioning and Planning

Cost Mapping: A Tabletop Simulation for Identifying Cost and Building a Value-Based Solutions Map

Creativity and Innovation: A Tabletop Simulation From Flash to Flight

Knowledge Transfer: A Tabletop Simulation for Identifying Key Knowledge Themes, Performance Themes, and Business Themes Important to Future Success. (2013)

Business Savvy: A Tabletop Simulation of Big Data. How to Unpack it, How to Assemble it, and How to Take it for a Ride, Training Wheels Included. (2013)

Delivery: The simulations are conducted at in-person workshops in both public and private formats. two day workshops for training and three day workshops for certification.