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The TeamMark Report is an assessment used to develop a unique profile and characterization of teams, work groups, departments, business units and entire organizations. The report presents a profile of your group's similarities and differences, as well as the advantages and disadvantages associated with your group type. Additionally, the profile contains a framework and suggested strategies for improving group effectiveness and interpersonal relationships within your team.

The TeamStyle Report expands upon the four-quadrant model introduced in the Working Style assessment. It presents a profile of your team's characteristics and helps you determine your team's favored style, its strengths, and growth opportunities. The report provides insights as similarities and differences among team members and contains valuable guidelines and tips you can draw on to promote understanding, defuse conflict, and more fully utilize each member's talents.

Team Performance Inventory
The Team Performance Inventory is a comprehensive tool for assessing a team's stage of performance, for conducting and facilitating team-building workshops, and for ongoing personal development. The Team Performance Inventory provides an objective look at where the team is on the performance curve and what it can do to strengthen its effectiveness and achieve higher levels of performance. The materials include a facilitator's guide, participant workbook, self-assessment, team-building activities, and scoring software.

Trust Me, Trust You Assessment
The Trust Me, Trust You Assessment addresses behavioral characteristics in fifteen dimensions of trust key to both yours and your team's success. Why is trust important? As a team member, you have a critical role in helping your team identify and address trust issues that hinder your team's growth and effectiveness. The Trust Me, Trust You assessment provides an opportunity to reflect upon your team environment and use your first-hand knowledge to evaluate the level of trust on your team or workgroup.

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