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About Us

Formed in 1981, the Ryan Group is a distinct firm of highly accomplished professionals comfortable in an environment defined by innovation, speed, complexity, and rigorous intellectual challenge and capability. A key strength is our ability to conduct complex, far-reaching, and challenging projects for our clients that achieve dramatic, clear and lasting results.

This has been accomplished by growth that is due to both repeat clients, who know they can depend on us to deliver exceptional value, and new clients, who are attracted by our reputation for serving clients extraordinarily well. Our many ongoing professional relationships allow us to continue this tradition.

Let's run the numbers

350,000 have taken our assessments
75,000 subscribe to our newsletters
175 diagnostics and competency assessments
150 digital books published in the last 3-years
75 authors, 40 percent hold a Ph.D.
12 works published by firm's partners (Wiley)
9 college courses for undergrad, MBA, and Ph.D.
6 business simulations, hundreds trained
5 business units and brands
3 portal platforms with thousands of users
1 highly innovative group of creative professionals